Lunar Winter is an artistic brand owned and ran by S.L. Ace, a local artist and graphic designer in Boston. S.L. Ace and Pack My Toolbox joined forces to make a website that’s minimalistic, allows for a showcasing of her work, and a clear way to get in contact.

We used the Divi Theme to construct this project. S.L. Ace was keen on having a simple front page and subsequent pages that shared a similar layout with each other. We used Lunar Winter’s logo on the front page on a toned down pink background with a cloud like border at the bottom and straight forward text that conveys clearly what Lunar Winter is about.

All other pages follow a cloud like layout where images of her work are displayed in a grid like gallery. A contact form is displayed on top of a mountain like background further enhancing the logo’s cloud element. This also enables visitors to easily communicate with S.L. Ace on each page.

It was a pleasure working with Lunar Winter and S.L. Ace. Lunar Winter is available for commission so if you are looking for any professional graphic design, illustration, or photography work you can visit their website here.

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