Raymond Personal Tailor


Raymond Personal Tailor is a Custom Clothing and Tailor shop located in the financial district of Boston, MA. We teamed up with the owner Danny to deliver a website that conveys “Custom Fit”. Danny was looking for a site that has clear calls to action, enabled visitors to book appointments, and showcased Raymond Personal Tailor with an attractive representation.


The elements on the pages such as the text titles rotated in either direction and the different font sizes plays really well with the “Custom Fit” theme and design. The calls to action are clear and speak to the core of the business custom shirts and custom suits. The navigation is simple and provides clear avenues for visitors to book appointments. All together, the design captures the nature of the business and helps deliver its message in a digitally elegant manner.

It was great working with Danny and Raymond Personal Tailor! If you are ever in the Boston area and are looking to up your fashion game by going custom, stop by their shop.

Visit the Raymond Personal Tailor website here.

Mario knows what he is doing. He has always been my go to guy for social media marketing but this time he really impressed me.
The website is exactly what I envisioned. Ever since the launch I have received nothing but great positive feed back. What’s more, the conversion rate of people visiting my site and scheduling an appointment has increased tremendously.
I highly recommend Mario for any online and website development projects.
Danny Sosa

Owner, Raymond Personal Tailor

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